Ceylat Fine Jewelers

Ceylat Fine Jewelers
Founded : 1992
Activities : Wholesale collection, jewelry collection, high jewelry collection
Parent Company : Finlay Enterprises
Stockists : 1 location
Origin : 9699 Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Grand Metropolitan Chairman/CEO Vin Lee purchased the remaining assets of Ceylat showroom, off Wilshire Blvd. steps from Rodeo Drive, relocating facilities to Bel Air, CA.


With the new economy Lichtenstein’s is christened with offerings found in Qatar Holdings’​ Harrods, Russia’s Gum, and Orcofi’s (Luxadvor) Hediards.  Lichtenstein’s has retained a role in the development of fashion and design. This connection to fashion royalty would inspire CEO Vin Lee to acquire French fashion house Orcofi recreating its portfolio of iconic brands including Andrelux, Lorenzo, Collaert, Bohata et Cie, and Acanta. Finlay Fine Jewelers and Heilig-Meyers Furniture joins Orcofi exclusively available online at Lichtenstein's Department Store.



Hadid has been built upon the legacy of heritage luxury brands excellence in fine jewelry, fine furnishings, haute couture, and fashion.  Finay Enterprises, Heilig-Meyers Furniture, and French Fashion House Orcofi merged with the company in 2017.   The Hadid brand will expand beyond North America in 2018 with a private line of couture merchandise offered by our Garfinckel and Lichtenstein Department Stores.




Finlay Merges With Hadid

Finlay Fine Jewelers, Bailey, Banks, and Biddle*, Congress Jewelers*, Diamond Park, Jay B. Rudolph, New York Jewelry Outlet, Park Promenade, Luxuria, Société Nouvelle d'Achatde Bijouterie (SONAB), Lundstrom Jewelers, Marks Brothers, Whitehall Co. Jewellers, L. Luria & Son, Linz Brothers, Friedman’s Inc., A.A. Friedman, Crescent Jewellers, Bucceli Gem, Ephraim Brasher, Jean Goujon, Missirs, L.D. Giddens & Son, Shifrin-Willens Jewelers, Merksamers Jewelers, Haute Bijouterie, Corrigan’s Jewelers,

Sweeney’s Jewelers, Fine Jewelers Guild, Ceylats, Diamonds on Rodeo, Diamonell, Gotthelfs, Henricks, Vin Lee Jewelers, Zemil Jewelers, Bailen, DuQuet Jewelers, Goldmans, Stockdale Jewelers, Shreya, Silvermans, Wingrove, Woodstock, Coral Jewelers, Higinbotham, Jewelry Banker, Krisselmeyer, Roskells, Ziaris, Barlow & Eaton, Barclay & Sons, Castleberg’s, S&N Katz.

*sold off to investors



Lichtenstein's Department Store

Hadid brands, Finlay Fine Jewelers, Heilig-Meyers Furniture, Orcofi Holdings, Dalgety, IMASCO, and Pushkin are now exclusively available online at Lichtenstein’s Fine Department Store & Luxury Boutique. Please visit us at Lichtenstein’s (www.Lichtensteins.com).